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Jesse Walters, LMT, BodyWorks Massage Founder
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Jesse is Wisconsin state licensed and certified and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She is CPR and First Aid certified and continues her education in massage therapy on an on-going basis. 

She lives in Brookfield and enjoys staying active with yoga, swimming, running and biking (and with her five year old son). Jesse attended well-respected Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Milwaukee, where she has also taught. She utilizes other Wisconsin state licensed Massage Therapists for on-site massage that have also studied anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and follow AMTA's code of Wisconsin state licensed and certified and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. 

Jesse has also spent time at triathlons, and Madison's Ironman - where she has acquired a great respect for these athletes. Jesse was training for her first triathlon when she discovered she was pregnant. Now, competing in a triathlon is still a goal for her.

After the near death experiences of her infant niece and a close friend, Jesse had the privilege to provide massage to them. She then realized her passion for massage therapy. Jesse still maintains that passion today in her practice and welcomes anyone who seeks massage therapy as a means of healing and staying healthy. She is also very empathetic to those dealing with chronic pain, as she has experienced many injuries - both sports and coincidental. 

We are always looking for talented and professional Therapists to work at our massage clinic. If you are interested in learning more about current career opportunities, please email your resume 
to Jesse at

​Chris Kinjerski, LMT,
MS Wisconsin Massage
Therapy Delegate
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Chris is a graduate of Anthem College in Brookfield and a member of the AMTA. Chris became fascinated with massage therapy after his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis. Naturally wanting to help her, he began studying massage therapy as a means to help ease her muscle tension and pain.  Seeing the results upon her condition, Chris branched into reflexology as a means to help his mother retain her eye sight; the results were drastic enough that Chris dedicated himself to mastering the modality.

Chris' focus is rooted in pain management.  He uses Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Pre/Post Natal, Light Touch, Chair and Cupping but Reflexology remains as one of his greatest fields of expertise.  Chris is the therapist we most recommend for our clients whom are suffering from extremity and especially foot pain.

Chris is extremely compassionate, and sensitive to working with anyone whom struggles with a life-altering illness. 
Rachel started her career in healing as a certified nurses assistant, where she gradually witnessed the profound healing difference that massage therapy had on accelerating her patients' care. While at the home of a patient who was receiving regular massage therapy, the accumulative effects opened her eyes to the benefits that massage brings to those suffering in pain. 

Rachel expanded her education into massage therapy, and began practicing the techniques she was learning on her patients, seeing its powerful results: she enrolled at Anthem College and added to her education in physiology, anatomy, postural conditions, and pathology.

Rachel has a true appreciation for what massage can do for joint mobility issues, soft tissue pain, stress, chronic head aches, and injuries. Rachel has a very empathetic and cheerful demeanor, she especially enjoys working with the chronically pained and elderly

She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre/Post Natal, Trigger Point Massage and Healing Touch Massage.
Adam Blatnik, BS, LMT, PT, CT
Rachel Sutfin, CNA, LMT
Christine Le Blanc, MA, LMT
​Christine is a highly educated therapist, as well as a graduate from University of Notre Dame. When not providing healing therapy, Christine works as a college instructor. It is thus no surprise that Christine enjoys educating her clients in how to continue their healing process at home, via self-care massage techniques, deep stretches, and new postural practices.

She enjoys the opportunity of helping her clients find the myofascial causes of their pain, and relieving it with advanced techniques such as Precision Neuromuscular Massage Therapy.

Christine is forever seeking to educate and rehabilitate others into becoming healthier: mind and body. As the mother of three grown children, Christine understands the importance massage has in reducing stress for parents and hard-working caregivers. As a dancer, she understands it’s integral to proper healing after physical exertion. 

Christine's specialties include: Deep Tissue, Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, Pre/Post-Natal Massage, Swedish Massage.
Adam is a highly skilled therapist whom has dedicated his entire adult life to the health sciences field. Graduating from Herzing University with his Associates Degree in Massage Therapy and Carroll University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science; Adam has been performing medical therapy techniques for over a decade. His expertise expands across multiple fields from sports nutrition, personal training, and chiropractic, to orthopedics - specializing in post-surgery, chronic pain and trauma. Adam is the therapist you should consult if you are attempting to avoid more invasive procedures.

When Adam is not coordinating youth sports, he teaches exercise classes, designs senior wellness programs, and helps athletes with personal training goals. He excels in exercises and modalities which treat herniated and bulging discs, femur fractures, spinal fusions, and professional sports injuries. Adam even trained with the therapists to the Atlanta Braves! 

Adam's main style is Orthopedic Massage, which utilizes deep PNF stretching and muscular inhibition. He's an expert at treating site-specific problems & will even teach you how to help relieve those issues from home!