Advanced Massage Therapy
Helping You take care of You

Private and Group Classes:

Classes are available at our studio, or we can come to your workplace or school.
Rates listed below are for classes at our studio location and can be scheduled here.                                 
Please call for group rates at your location and to discuss your needs.

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Living Naturally, with Essential Oils: Learn the basics of the wonderful benefits of 
essential oils, which are the purist form of the plant from which derive. Essential
oils have a multitude of healing benefits, which is why once people start using
them and learning about them, they understand the importance of having oils in 
their life. Everyone can benefit from essential oils. Come prepared to discuss your 
health and body ailments (optional) to aid you naturally, every day. Each class 
includes a fun take-home project that we will make. 
Classes vary, depending on project $15 - $25    

Infant Massage: Available for the whole family, or just for mom and dad. This is a great 
way to bond with your baby and for your newborn to become familiar with your touch.
$65 for private family instruction    

"Healthy Breast, Healthy You!": A class catered to anyone who wishes to stay cancer-
free. Learn what you won't be taught in any school. Don't let yourself be fooled by the
 "It Can't Happen to Me" mentality. You bought the pink ribbon, now take your action further, 
with yourself.

Or, enlist a small group of your friends. You don't want to miss this important life-saving 
class, it's an eye-opener!
$55 private class   $45 per person in a group class    

Wellness 101 (or Self-Care Essentials): As simple as it seems, we understand that 
knowing how to properly take care of yourself doesn't come easy or naturally to everyone. 
Let us guide you on your way to better understanding yourself to enjoy your life to the 
fullest - feeling tired, stressed, and in pain and sore all the time is no way to live. We will 
give you the tools and the knowledge to start a consistent routine that will work for you to 
create a better path of living.
​$135 private class (Includes 2 people minimum) $55 per person in a group class

Breathing and Relaxation: We know what you're thinking - you already know how to 
breathe, right? Believe it or not, there is a better way to breathe. This unique class will 
enable you to properly breathe, so that you can relax, stay focused and to calm yourself in
stressful times. And, we know you like to come to us to relax - that's easy, that's what you 
get a massage for. But, do you get a massage every day?
$65 private class, $29 per person in a group class    

Massage for the Caretaker: This much-needed class will guide you with simple tools 
that you can use to quickly and easily take care of yourself when you really need it. Caring 
for a loved one takes a lot of work, and can also be draining, both mentally and physically. 
Bring a friend along to learn some great techniques and daily tips that you can implement
at home right away.
$65 private class, $29 per person in a group class.   

Core Stability: A gentle, unique way to strengthen your vital abdominal and low back 
$35 per person, private class only, or $110 for 4 sessions

Happy Feet: Give your feet the TLC they deserve. If you think about it, we are on our feet 
all the time - at home, at work, running errands, you name it. All of that activity takes such
 a toll on our feet and then, they just get ignored and stuffed back into shoes again; no 
wonder they hurt. Learn the basic essentials of keeping your feet happy so your feet can 
give you lots of pain-free use. (includes tools to take home.)
$55 private class, $45 per person in a group class

Couples Massage: Learn what the pros know! After this fun and helpful class, you and 
your sweetie can spoil each other with a massage at home. Available Saturday evenings. 
(Individualized private, one couple class.) (WE DO NOT OFFER COUPLES MASSAGE.)
$195  Taught by Jesse Walters

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