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Wellness Packages and Classes

A great savings to you while you keep your body well.  

Talk to your Massage Therapist about a treatment plan for you.  
(Plans do not include any complement features such as aromatherapy, 
which can be purchased at the time of service.)

Wellness Packages:

                       30 min​         45 min              60 min             90 min            120 min
  3 pack:           $96             $143               $156                $216               $315
  5 pack:         $178             $247               $295                $398               $575
10 pack:         $350             $450               $542                $698               $1142

Gift certificates are available at any time, 
for any length of session, for any amount.

                                       Private and Group Classes: 

Infant massage for the family, a wonderful way to bond with your baby and for your child to become familar with your touch. 
$60 for private family instruction

In home or hospital visit: Jesse is also available to come to you after the baby is born while you are still in the hospital to provide massage therapy to both you and the baby, or for just mom. Renting your body out for nine months is tough work - you'll need and want some bodywork and relaxation! (Rates are very reasonable, but please call as rates do vary due to location.)

"Healthy Breast, Healthy You!", a class catered to  
anyone who wishes to stay cancer-free. Learn what you won't be taught in 
any school. Don't let yourself be fooled by the "It Can't Happen to Me" 
mentality. You bought the pink ribbon, now take your action further - 
with yourself.  
Private Class $45

Or, if you wish to enlist a small group of your friends, 
save some green and bring them along - you don't want 
to miss this important life-saving class, it's an eye-opener!  
$32 per person in a group class

Wellness 101 (or Self-care Essentials): As simple as it seems, we 
understand that knowing how to properly take care of yourself doesn't come
easy or naturally to everyone. Let us guide you on your way to better 
understanding yourself to enjoy your life to the fullest - feeling tired, stressed,
and sore all the time is no way to live. We will give you the tools and knowledge
to start a consistent routine that will work for you to create a better path of
$45 private class, $32 per person in a group class

Body Rolling: Meet the new way to take better care of yourself. Body rolling 
is a fun,​ safe and effective way to maintain happy, flexible muscles (especially
when you're away from your Massage Therapist!) Anyone can do body rolling -
it's easy and we provide the equipment. Learn this cool technique that
helps Massage Therpists stay loose and limber!
$35 per person, private class only, or $110 for 4 sessions

Happy Feet: Give your feet the TLC they deserve. If you think about it, we are
on our feet all the time - at home, at work, running errands, you name it. All of 
that takes such a toll on our feet and then, they just get ignored and stuffed 
into shoes again; no wonder they hurt. Learn the basic essentials of keeping
your feet happy so your feet can give you lots of pain-free use. (Includes
tools to take home.)
$55 private class, $45 per person in a group class

Couples Massage: Learn what the pros know! After this fun and helpful class, you and your sweetie can spoil each other with a massage at home. 
$125 private class

​Self Confidence for Young Girls: Chin up young person, chin up? Do you ever feel like holding your head up and smiling is just too difficult? We will help you unlock your inner rock star, your inner beauty, and your real inner self that you don't need to hide - so that you can face each day proudly, on purpose. There's no reason for you not to take this class, don't feel embarrassed. Jesse was painfully shy as a young girl and understands the struggles that challenge girls today.
$45 private class, $32 per person in a group class

Classes are available for your workplace or school, please call for further information.

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