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Wellness Packages and Classes

A great savings to you while you keep your body well.  

Talk to your Massage Therapist about a treatment plan for you.  
(Plans do not include any complement features such as aromatherapy, 
which can be added at the time of service.)

Massage Packages:

                       30 min​         45 min              60 min             90 min            120 min
  3 pack:           $96             $143               $156                $216               $315
  5 pack:         $178             $247               $295                $398               $575
10 pack:         $350             $450               $542                $698              $1142

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Wellness Packages:

Massage Therapy combined with one of 
our Wellness Classes. 
Includes one massage and one wellness class 
per month.

Package prices to be posted soon.