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What our Clients are saying:

"I contacted BodyWorks after having four fusions done on my lower spine. My joints and muscles give me a lot of pain and discomfort on a daily basis and after a 90 minute massage I am amazed at how much more mobility my body has. My massage therapist,(Jesse) is quite knowledgeable and knows just where to apply pressure to relieve the pain in my neck, back and legs. I would highly recommend BodyWorks to anyone who wants to feel refreshed and have relief from sore, tight muscles and joints."
                            - Diane S. 

"Jesse assesses where I need the focus of work on my body and knows just the right muscle and way to manipulate it to relax the tightness and set me free to relax. Jesse's massages on a regular basis have helped prevent injury and relaxed my stress-filled areas often intensified by my profession." 
                            - Tom P.

"I just LOVE BodyWorks Massage! Like their name implies, your body does really feel like it is working again after the relaxing massage you get! I have always had Jesse as my massage therapist - she makes you feel so relaxed from the minute you step into the waiting room until the time you leave. A wonderful place to come when one is in need to unwind, relax, and have peace and quiet. Your body will thank you! I wish I could schedule a massage every week. Jesse rocks!!!"
                            - Lisa R. 

"My experience with Jesse has been nothing short of amazing. Well trained in her art, Jesse has the knowledge and touch to restore my muscle tissue to its intended state. It has kept me lose and injury free. Without that, I would not be able to continue my weight loss goal through rigorous workouts." 
                            - John A. 

"I am a dental hygienist so I always have knots in my back and neck and I frequently get headaches. After seeing Jesse for only one massage, I felt amazing! After a few more massage sessions, my headaches went completely away! I will and have recommended Jesse's massages to anyone. They're fantastic."
                            - Becky V. 

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